The Giants wanted to make a point and say "Hey, this is OUR house!" Instead, it looks like Rex Ryan and the Jets are going to crash on the couch for a few weeks until the Giants and Jets meet up again on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th.

The Giants started the game strong with a 21 yard pass to Hakeem Nicks. Giants offense drove down the field, all the way to the Jets 28 yard line and it looked like they were going to tear this Jets' defense apart. And then something familiar happened, Eli Manning threw an interception.

The Giants defense then held the Jets to a three and out giving Manning and the Giants' offense another shot at a quick score. Eli again started it off with a 21 yard pass, this time to undrafted rookie tight end Jake Ballard. However, the Giants then stalled and were forced to punt.

After several drives that resulted in punts from both teams, the Giants faced a scare when punt returner Jerrel Jernigans fumbled a punt but was recovered by the Giants (that would be the first of 3 punts Jernigans fumbled, however all 3 were recovered by the Giants).

After Eli drove his team to the Giants' 44 yard line, Manning then threw his second interception of the night. Manning as you may remember led the league in interceptions (25) and turnovers (30) last season. Jets' quarter back Mark Sanchez then however had his own turnover fumbling the ball on the Giants' 37.

Bradshow then lead the Giants down the field accounting for 40 yards total on that one drive resulting in a Rhys Lloyd's 34 yard field goal.

Antonio Cromartie then returned the following kickoff 68 yards setting up for a Mark Sanchez 17 yard tochdown pass to Santonio Holmes. Giants then got the ball with less then two minutes left on their own 4 yard line, drove all the way to the Jets' 46 before time ran out.

Opening the second half the Giants stopped the Jets, and forced them to punt. Jacobs helped drive the Giants down the field before he got into a fight with Jets' rookie defensive tackle Muhammad Wilkerson, both Jacobs and Wilkerson were ejected.

Later in the game the Giants were faced with a 4th and inches situation inside the Jets' one yard line, with Jacobs (the usual goal line power back) ejected, they went with third stringer D.J. Ware who failed to get into the endzone.

After several failed scoring drives later (and two more fumbled punts from Jernigan), the Giants were then in a position to get back in the game with a field goal however kicker Rhys Lloyd's 42 yard field goal attempt was blocked.

The 4th quarter was simply all Jets. The Giants couldn't muster any points in the second half while the Jets scored 10 points in just the 4th quarter alone including a 1 yard touchdown run by Jets fourth string running back Bilal Powell.

Final score: Jets 17 Giants 3

Who Satisfied:

Justin Tuck (DE)- Solid penetration, and great play causing the Sanchez fumble, to go along with 3 tackles (1 assisted)

Clint Sintim (LB)- Good heads up play on recovering Sanchez’s fumble that’s the type of play the Giants are going to need for him this year

Hakeem Nicks (WR)- Nicks simply had a phenomenal night, recording 5 receptions for 71 yards, and had a great connection with quarter back Eli Manning

D.J. Ware (HB)- Solid 4.6 avg. yards per carry, and a nice three catches for 24 yards. Ware is having a solid pre-season and is looking like a good complementary back the Giants envisioned he’d be

Rhys Lloyd (K)- Solid kickoffs, and nailed his 34 yard field goal attempt. His second field goal attempt was blocked, but that was all on his blockers. What really stood out the most and puts him on this list was his effort and success in saving a touchdown bye driving out Antonio Cromartie on a kick off return

Aaron Ross (CB)- Ross looked extremely good tonight returning to the starting defense, and simply shut down former Giant receiver Plaxico Burress.

Tyler Sash (S)- Just a great performance by the young rookie who was drafted in the 6th round, team leading 6 tackles and a solid performance with the Giants’ second unit.


Who Disappointed:

Eli Manning (QB)- Going into this season Eli promised he would cut down on his turnovers, throwing two interceptions is not a good start, Eli also overshot a wide open Mario Manningham under a min left in the first half

Jerrel Jernigan (WR)- Three, that’s the number of how many punts Jernigan fumbled in tonight’s game, that is simply unacceptable

Travis Beckum (TE)- Only one reception this entire pre-season, that is simply pathetic for a guy that is supposed to be the starting tight end this season and replace the departed Kevin Boss

Kickoff Coverage- If not for kicker Rhys Lloyd’s heads up play to drive out Cromartie, Giants kickoff coverage team would have given up an easy touchdown and giving the Jets the lead

Devin Thomas (WR/KR)- Thomas who has had great success as the Giants’ kick return the first two pre-season games, had a very disappointing day, an avg. of only 10 yards per return.

Brandon Jacbos (HB)- Jacobs had an avg of 2.8 yards per carry in the first half, and in the second after showing signs of brilliant running in the opening drive, he then showed his immaturity once again by getting into a scuffle with Jets’ rookie defensive tackle Muhammad Wilkerson, resulting in both getting ejected. The Giants then faced a 4th and 1 on the Jets’ goal line, but with Jacobs out (the usual goal line back) they instead went with D.J. Ware who was not able to get in the endzone.

Other Notes:

Giants linebacker and defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka left the game due to injury, but no need to panic Kiwanuka said later in the game its nothing and he'll be ready to go for the season opener against the Redskins.

Eli Manning responded to questions about his offense's production against the Jets in an interview that took place by NBC in the third quarter, “We moved the ball up the field pretty well we just didn’t’ finish drives...just a few plays off from having a great game.”

Although the Giants failed to score a touchdown they did total more first downs then the Jets (20 to the Jets' 15) and more total yards (327 to the Jets' 233).

Brandon Jacobs, was only the second Giants player to get ejected from a game, Hakeem Nicks was the first against the Pittsburgh Steelers after getting into a fight with Steelers' CB Ike Taylor last season.