New York Giants captain and starting quarterback Eli Manning broke his silence earlier today stating that he is very hopeful a new CBA agreement between the players and owners will get done soon. “I have been optimistic the whole time and it sounds like they are trying to work it out, the owners and players are trying to get everything figured out,” the New York Giants quarterback said Monday in a telephone interview with The Associated Press.

The players and owners have been trying to reach an agreement on a new CBA for more then two seasons now, and it got to the point where the owners locked the players out over 100 days ago, Manning however remains optimistic. "I do feel we will have a season. " The Superbowl XLVII quarterback said.

“Hopefully, everything gets worked out quickly so we can get to training camp on time and get guys back to work and have a full season. That’s what the fans want. Obviously, they are the ones that make this possible, so hopefully we can get it done for them.”

Manning as most players have done, refused to comment when questioned earlier. “You can only get in trouble with this type of situation, I just wanted to get my work in with my receivers.” Manning hast stated and complained that his workouts with Giants receivers are not the same with the media and fans constantly watching and questioning them. “We are getting together and getting some decent work, but not as quality work as we should be at this time when we are in OTAs and minicamps,” Manning said. “I just wanted to work. We have a lot of young players and young receivers and new guys and I just wanted to get them up to date."

If the lockout continues to linger, Manning will have his hands full with his young receivers. Out of the whole Giants starting receiving corps, Steve Smith has the most experience at only 4 years. Manning will also have to develop more chemistry with his receivers if injuries force bench players to rise up the depth chart like last season.

On the bright side if the lockout continues, fans can still watch football. Hey the CFL starts this Thursday at 7:30 on NFL network.

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