With the NFL lockout rumored to be nearly over, here are my preliminary predictions for the New York Giants season, watch for updated predictions later....

Giants @ Washington W: The Redskins have failed to make the playoffs the previous seasons, and I can't even remember the last time the Redskins have even won a playoff game. Unless owner Dan Snyder makes a big splash in free agency, its pretty smart to assume the Redskins are doomed to be in the bottom of the pile in the NFC East this season. Record 1-0

Giants vs St.Louis W: This is a game the Giants may have to fight 'till the final second. Rams HC and former Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnolu is dangerous, and behind the arm of young Sam Bradford this game will come down to the wire but the Giants will hold on to win it. Record 2-0

Giants @ Philadelphia L: The Eagles are poised to be Super Bowl contenders and are presumed to easily win the NFC East. The Eagles who already have a talented team are rumored to be big spenders in free agency targeting several key players (including arguably the best corner back in the NFL, Nnamdi Asomugha. The Giants and Eagles usually come down to a last ditch play, or a 2 min drill, look for Michael Vick to get behind that Philadelphia crowd and win this one. Record 2-1

Giants @ Arizona W: This looks like to be an easy matchup, the Cardinals are in the rebuilding faze, coming of a disastrous 5-11 season. Unless Arizona decides to make a move on Kevin Kolb or Kyle Orton, look for them to have another losing season and maybe trading away franchise wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Record 3-1

Giants vs Seattle W: The Seahawks socked the world last year by not only making the playoffs but then beat the then reigning Super Bowl champion Saints. However, they still did have a losing season going 7-9, and unless the Giants have a meltdown and/or not take the Seahawks seriously, they should come away with a win here. Record 4-1

Giants vs Buffalo W: The Bills are another rebuilding franchise and really do not have any pieces in Buffalo other then wide receiver Stevie Johnson. The Giants also have the advantage of former Bills Interm Head Coach and now New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell. Look for the Giants to walk away with another win heading into the bye week. Record 5-1

Bye Week

Giants vs Miami W: Miami is a team that heading into this season is on the bubble as a playoff contender, but unfortunately is in one of the toughest divisions having to play the Jets and Patriots twice. Although Miami did have a loosing season last year, they are still a dangerous team especially with Brandon Marshall at wideout. This one should be close but the Giants will most likely walk away with a win here. Record 6-1

Giants @ New England L: This will be the first time these two teams have met since Super Bowl 42 (not including pre-season games). Unfortunately the outcome for the Giants this time will not be as magical. The Patriots are still one of the best teams in the NFL even though they have faltered in the post season the last 3 years. Tom Brady is still dangerous. Bill Bellicheck is still a genius. The Giants will not be able to stop the Patriots offense here. Record 6-2

Giants @ San Francisco W: The 49ers were predicted to easily walk away with the NFC West division last year instead finished with a laughable 6-10 record and got Head Coach Mike Singletary fired. First year coach Jim Harbaugh (brother or Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh) is hoping to bring this 49er team back to the glory days of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, however the chances of this team even being in contention for a wild card berth are slim to none. Look for the Giants to rebound with a victory here. Record 7-2

Giants vs Philadelphia L: The rematch versus their division rivals will be much hyped up and again will most likely be another close game. However the Eagles are known for their late game heroics against the Giants (ahem Desean Jackson anyone) while the Giants are known for the second half collapses. Record 7-3

Giants @ New Orleans L: The Giants will hope to rebound after another loss to the Eagles, that however will not happen against this talented Saints offense. Drew Brees will simply over match this Giants' poor passing defense. Look for this game to be a high scoring affair, one Eli Manning will not be able to keep up with. Record 7-4

Giants vs Green Bay L: The Last time these two teams met, Aaron Rodgers led the packers to a blowout win that basically sealed the Giants fate of missing the playoffs. Look for the same thing here as the Giants will lose their third straight game and go onto another second half collapse and a downward spiral. The reigning Superbowl Champs will be just too much for the Giants. Record 7-5

Giants @ Dallas W:The Cowboys had a surprisingly dreadful season last year going 6-10 and tied for last place with the Redskins. I would be shocked of they repeated that same type of play this year, this is a team that must be taken seriously. The Cowboys have Super Bowl caliber talent on their team, and look for them to push the Giants to the very end but ultimately failing here. Record 8-5

Giants vs Washington W: The Giants will be limping into Washington, but they will be limping in with a chip on their shoulder. Knowing they will need a win here, the Giants will gladly take one from this poor Redskins team. Look for the Giants to explode on both sides of the ball and a blowout here. Record 9-5

Giants @ New York L: The long awaited New York battle is here. Manning vs Sanchez. Coughlin vs Ryan. Giants vs Jets. This will be a battle for the ages with both teams stepping up, look for this to be a defensive game all the way through, and unfortunately as Jets' head coach Rex Ryan has shown in the past no one can beat the Jets at defense. Record 9-6

Giants vs Dallas W: Look for the Giants to rebound and finish out the season strong against the Cowboys. The pressure will be on for the Giants to make the playoffs and having a 10-6 record may be all they need. I truly believe that Eli Manning will not let the Giants down when their backs are against the wall. Record 10-6

Final Prediction: The Giants will finish 10-6 and make the playoffs as a wild card, but will lose to in the first round. Tom Coughlin will remain as Giants coach as well as Eli Manning at quarterback, as for the rest of the team who knows...