This truly is the game of the week. This game is going to be gritty and dirty battle. Both these teams have things to prove to one another. For the 49ers, it is obvious they are dying to get some revenge after letting the NFC Championship slip away on special teams.

It will be personal for receiver Kyle Williams who was responsible for the fumble that set up the winning field goal for the Giants. Williams has showed his teammates and coaches that he still belongs on this team with work on special teams and no fumbles. “There’s a few teams that I look forward to. Of course after what happened last year I definitely want to get back at these guys,” Williams said Tuesday. “We look at it as if they have something that we should have had. We’re going to make sure we don’t leave anything on the field again.” Expect the Giants to be all over Williams again tomorrow.

Even though the Giants did get a win, they are still using revenge as a motivation. Eli Manning took quite a beating last getting hit twelve times, six of those hits being sacks. Manning truly showed he was not just the goofy younger brother of Peyton and that he was a leader and was gonna take his team down the field. There is also the Carlos Rogers and Victor Cruz feud, but that seems to have settled as Rogers said that he will not imitate Cruz’s famous salsa dance out of respect for Cruz’s grandmother who recently passed.

Even the coaches are getting involved with offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride taking a shot at Justin Smith and saying that he is great player, but he hold a lot and doesn’t get called because he is on the inside. Jeez, clearly these two teams just do not like each other.

As with the other two match-ups of these teams, this game will definitely come down to the last few minutes. I really feel that the Giants’ defense will be awoken this week and Alex Smith may get a few hits. Smith is battling a finger injury, but San Francisco has not stated the severity of the injury. This will be a good game, but I have to go with the Giants just squeaking by again with the return of receiver Hakeem Nicks and the confidence running back Ahmad Bradshaw developed.