According to Yahoo Sports, two teams have already shown interest in former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber. Barber is attempting a comeback, 5 years after he abruptly retired following the 2006 season. Of course with the lockout still in place there is no free agency so we won't know exactly who Barber plans to sign with until that situation is resolved.

Barber's representative Mark Lepselter already seems to have an idea where Barber will be playing this year, "We feel like we already know where we're going (to sign)," Lepselter told New York sports radio station WFAN.

Although Barber hasn't necessarily ruled out a possible return to the Giants, the scenario seems highly unlikely. After Barber retired, he made some pretty nasty comments toward Giants quarterback and former teamate Eli Manning, calling his leadership skills "comical." Barber also then praised former Giants starting quarterback Kerry Collins "Kerry Collins was a true leader, [Giants] shouldn't have let him go." Manning of course replaced Collins, who eventually wound up in Tennesse.

The rumored front runner for the Tiki Barber "sweepstakes" seems to be the Pittsburgh Steelers. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King wrote in a recent article that Barber will join the Steelers partially because Steelers' head coach Mike Tomlin is a family friend. The Steelers could also use Barber in a third down role behind young running back Rashard Mendenhall.

If the Steelers are not interested there's always a possibility of Tiki teaming up with his twin brother Ronde in Tampa. The Buccaneers are a young team with third year quarter back Josh Freemen behind center, but came awfully close to making the playoffs last season. The Buccaneers are also in need of a running back, having only second year undrafted LeGarrette Blount and the injury prone Cadillac Williams.

Lepselter has stated that these aren't just a few teams calling to see if Tiki's for real, Lepselter states that "two teams have shown serieous interest" in signing the 36 year old running back once the lockout ends. Lepselter has also stated that these conversations took place in April during the brief period the lockout was not in place.

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