Osi Umenyiora has held out from training camp since the lockout ended over a week ago. It was speculated that Umenyiora was holding out in his attempt at a new contract. However, Umenyiora claimed that he has held out due to an injury on his knee and that he may need surgery.

New York Giants' medical staff believe that he is fine and can play through it. That did not sit very well with the Umenyiora camp, and it has been recently discovered Osi has decided to fly to Atlanta and seek a second opinion, which was set up by the Giants.

"He'll visit the doctor in Atlanta, and he'll consult with Dr. Warren (the Giants' team physician) and (trainer) Ronni Barnes and they'll all decide what the best course of action is," Agnone said. "Hopefully, if all goes well, this will lead to him being back on the field."

What is shocking is that there have been no new developments in Umenyiora's contract standoff. Osi has accused the Giants (specifically general manager Jerry Reese) of not fulfilling their promise in 2008 to renegotiate his contract. Umenyiora is due to make $7.1 million the final two years of a six year extension he signed in 2005.

Osi has demanded a new contract or have the Giants trade him to a team that will. The Giants have proposed several offers that include performance based incentives.Umenyiora then reportedly agreed to that offer if the final year of his contract was removed, the Giants refused to oblige.